APS Selection Process

APS gives high significance on selection of its Human Resource & considers that having the right candidate in the right place will contribute to the overall development of the school & candidates.


All appointments to all categories of employees are be made by the Selection Committee nominated by the School Managing Committee, either by direct recruitment or by promotion through a selection process recommended by the School Managing Committee and approved upon by the Board of Trustees.


Process for Human Resource selection :


Manpower Planning is done on the following parameters :


  • Number of staff required as per level for which staff is to be recruited (Pre- Primary, Primary, Secondary, Sr. Secondary etc…)
  • Category of the staff (whether full time, part time etc…)
  • Qualification required.
  • New / replacement requirement.
  • Experience if any needed.
  • Knowledge, Skills and Attitude needed for the post.


Advertisements :


Applications are invited from prospective candidates through advertisements published on the website and/or newspapers which will include :


  • Job Profile as per specialization of subjects.
  • Criteria for application (qualification, experience).
  • Number of posts.
  • Any other relevant skill desired.
  • School address, website details, email and phone numbers.


Application receipt and scrutiny :


Resumes are received & scrutinized – Candidates can apply up to a certain period, profiles are shortlisted and then called for the further stages.


Objectives of the Interview Process :


  • To test English language proficiency
  • To test subject competency and mastery of subject applied for
  • To test level of general awareness related to school procedures, pedagogic principles and practices
  • To test level of sensitivity towards child’s needs
  • To test the Logical reasoning and ability to mould in APS culture 


Process : (for candidates coming through advertisements and Walk-ins)


  1. Briefing about the Organization through PPT/Video.
  2. Filing the Interview Form and Document verification
  3. Aptitude test (For teaching posts)
  4. Personal Interview
  5. Demo Interview (For teaching posts) / Task Interview (for non-teaching posts)
  6. Final Interview and Salary fixation


Personal Interview process :


  • Short-listed candidates are intimated via email/ phone about the personal interview schedule.
  • Panel of interviewers: Trustee representatives, Director, Principal, Head of the respective level ( Pre-primary, Primary, secondary, Sr. Secondary) and for special posts like Role holders an educationist /Psychologist/Consultant
  • A full evaluation sheet of the overall performance of the candidate is provided for reference.
  • Evaluation sheet gives guidelines for marking the candidate’s performance during the interview.


Demo Interview process :


  • The candidate is given a topic & time for the demo.
  • The candidate presents the demo to the panel/class of students (including the panelists)
  • A demo evaluation form is given for each candidate for marking the candidate’s performance.
  • Candidates are called for final Interview after clearing the demo round.


Final Interview and Salary Fixation :


  • Final selection is based on the overall performance of the candidate at all levels of selection process.
  • The list of candidates finalized are approved by the Board of Trustees
  • Date of joining and salary fixation is done.
  • Appointment Letters are handed over to the candidates.


Reference Check :


  • To check and verify the candidate’s character
  • Is conducted for every selected candidate & is completed before the candidate joins the Organization.
  • It gives enough information about the candidates past job performance
  • To make a right decision about whether or not the candidate is the right person for the job


Joining Process :


  • Copy of the appointment letter is acknowledged and given back to the School Office.
  • A welcome mail is sent to the selected candidate.
  • On the date of joining- a joining report is filled by the candidate at the School office.
  • Name of the person is entered in the school attendance Muster
  • Biometric details are taken
  • Bank account procedure is completed
  • Personal file and service book are initiated.
  • Library Account is opened.
  • Allotment of Cabinet in Staff room.


Meeting with Principal : Induction Program


  • Job Profile is explained to the new joinee.
  • Copy of Service Rules, Code of conduct, School Procedure Book, Log Books and other relevant documents are handed over.
  • Policies and Procedures are explained to the new joinee.
  • Class and workload allotment is done.
  • Introduction to the team leader and reporting procedures.
  • Introduction of the new joinee is done in a formal meeting.
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